How'd you end up here, anyway?

Every DJ has their story.

Freshly Ground showcases selected mixes and original compositions from Scott Schiller, a Front-end Engineer, DJ, skiier and electronic media-head living in the Silicon Valley region of the San Francisco Bay Area, California.

A Brief Personal History

I got into turntablism and DJing around 2000 at the late age of 20, after seeing the legendary DJ Mix Master Mike play with the Beastie Boys while on tour for their "Hello Nasty" album. Mike opened up the show with two copies of Rush's "Tom Sawyer" from "Exit Stage Left", tricking out the first 4 bars of the song - and after seeing what he did with that, I realised I had to get some turntables very soon to fulfill a sudden urge.

I later met Mix Master Mike when he played an impromptu solo gig in Calgary, Alberta at The Gallery after a snowboard jam festival in the city earlier that day. Mike was just hanging out in the bar relaxing before the show, so I went up to pay my homage and thank him for the inspiration. Ironically, a roommate at the time was a big fan of him, so I got Mike's signature for my roommate rather than myself. Just meeting him in person was cool enough for me, however.

Comments, feedback, complaints?

I don't have a feedback form, comment system or something else a bit more modern - call me old-fashioned. Instead, choose your preferred method below and one of our representatives will be in touch with you shortly.

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