"The bext mix is the one the audience never heard."

(Book on DJing whose title I forget)

Recording Approach

Mixes are typically recorded unprepared and unrehearsed, so they can sometimes be a bit rough. My philosophy is that as a DJ, playing "off the cuff" forces you to learn your records, know your music, and expand your skill so you're able to find and cue up the next appropriate track before the current one ends.

Fresh on Wax

Recent additions to the record collection

Massive Attack - Mezzanine 2xLPMassive Attack - Mezzanine 2xLP
Pretty much an instant classic on release, out of print and in demand at time of purchase (prices were as high as $100 USD on eBay.)
Notable track: Exchange
DJ Cam - Underground VibesDJ Cam - Underground Vibes
Blunted beats, downtempo and trip-hop from France. Perhaps understandably, hard to find in the US.
Notable track: Gangsta Shit
Zero 7 - Simple Things 2xLPZero 7 - Simple Things 2xLP
Another excellent late 90's group, somewhat similar to Groove Armada's chilled style. Out of print for some time.
Notable track: Red Dust
Fantastic Plastic Machine - Luxury 2xLPFantastic Plastic Machine - Luxury 2xLP
Tomoyuki Tanaka's 1999 release; a few great lounge-ish tracks on this oft-missed album.
Notable track: The Girl Next Door