Binaural Sounds: Ambient recordings

   |   a SoundManager 2 demo of sorts. Recorded with in-ear microphones and a Sony MZ-RH1 Minidisc walkman.
White Trash Rockers @ Sunnyvale Traffic Light (distorted car engine noise)
Vernon Outdoors 2
Vernon Outdoors 1
URLs Cafeteria, Yahoo!
Things that open, close and roll
Sunnyvale Farmers' Market
Sunny Sunday AM In South Park
San Francisco Financial District - Traffic, Elevator, Office
Rubber Chicken Launch (office)
Rain on Car Roof
Rain 3
Rain 2
Rain 1
Pedestrian Traffic, Wet Road
Military Jet Over Sunnyvale
Leaving the office
Laundry - Rinse
Guitars in Tandem (office)
Going outside
Garborator, Sink
Garbage Truck from Bedroom Window, 7 AM
Frogs @ Yahoo!
Fancy Beer Bottle Pop
Empties (Glass), Recycling
Electric Razor
Drain Sounds
Door to Door
Dark Side Of The Loft
Cup of Coffee
Coffee Brewing
Backyard Bees, Construction, Traffic
Walking past sprinklers, mailbox
Allspaw Blues (office)
AM Pedestrian Traffic, Shuttle
A Visit To Granville Island
A Virtual Haircut in San Francisco (3 Scenes)
Vernon Outdoors 3
A Trip to the Basement Garage
20080214 - Pillow Fight, SF